About Luups

The story

The Luups Tray was designed in 2020 with the purpose of supporting a new and better way of serving and transporting food. The Luups tray was developed in collaboration with experts from the restaurant industry and students from DTU (Denmarks Technical University). The design challenges the conventional tray and have created a design that combines the behavioural regulation with the aesthetic. Our goal is to reduce overeating and food waste in a new way. Canteens and the restaurant industry have particularly demanded a tool that helps to optimize activity around buffets. Both when it comes to the desire to reduce food waste and limit physical contact. Therefore, we have thought about both the purpose of the design and its load-bearing properties. Luups tray can be easily carried with one hand and motivates us to think about what and how much we put on the tray. How can a tray contribute to improved lifestyles in an environmental and sustainable way? The Luups Tray is shaped like a cloud, with special formations for plates, bowls and glasses. The shape inspires both conscious choices and different uses than what an ordinary tray can do. We naturally use recyclable materials - so you can carry the tray out into the world with a clear conscience. Luups tray is designed in several colours, and the possibilities of use are countless. Our goal is to spread awareness of the tray and conquer new markets. We will continue to develop new products for the Luups family and help create new solutions - for the benefit of creativity, a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable everyday life. Do you want to join the journey?

The women behind

Maj Toppenberg has worked in the canteen and restaurant industry for many years, and this is where she experienced the need for innovative solutions. Signe Schack is a design-engineer from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and has a lot of experience in user centred design and sustainable solutions. Together they are Luups. Their background differences and age difference makes them the perfect couple in developing and designing future products for the food service industry.


Maj Toppenberg - CEO

mgt@luups.io T: +45 27222010

Signe Schack - Product Designer